Saturday, February 21, 2009

Googling Oneself

So today I have a lot of things to catch up on... so many little things I've let go far too long, and a full free day to tackle them.  So of course I start by hopping onto the information superhighway to discover what my cyberself looks like.

And guess what I have unearthed.  I look like nothing.  I have absolutely zero web presence, at least 30 other people have my same name in similar fields (but are not me!) and even "wonderfool" refers to like 10 different things.  And of course this has gotten me thinking:  there are just so many people in the world.

And if the powers that be are right about this "overpopulation" thing... that means there wasn't always this many people.  So there are more people, and we can connect to all of them (in that gloriously superficial electronic way.)  

But what would it be like to have fewer people in general?  Would we have accomplished as much?  Would we be on a slight delay, or would culture be changed entirely?  No traffic at rush hour... or no rush hour?  No lines at stores, or no stores, or just different stores?  Maybe fewer stores, so there'd still be lines... you just had to drive further to get to a store.  Cities would feel the way suburbs feel now, suburbs would be rural, and rural areas would be desolate.  But we wouldn't know the difference, because we would never know society as we know it now.  So essentially, it follows that we could also have MORE overpopulation, with denser metropolises, and cities expanding out so much they start meshing with other cities to create gargantuan urban regions, all houses would be apartments, everything cordoned off and disjointed, porches and backyards would join the ranks of dodo birds and wooly mammoths... but again, we wouldn't know it.  It would just be how the world is.

Okay, I guess I can't procrastinate much longer.   In a universe where I always procrastinate, I wouldn't know what it was like to complete anything and never would complete anything, so I wouldn't even worry about not doing things, and for all intensive purposes, I'd be good as done when I started.  Conversely, if I never procrastinated I'd probably be done with everything right now, thus this universe I am currently in, one of measured balance between creation and destruction, is the worse possible universe for me to be in right now because it means I haven't done it yet but will.  So only this world out of the three requires work of me at the moment.  Glad we established that. 

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  1. I am happy to announce that, as of Feb 2011, I have a web presence. Typing Christina Day into a google search will yield only three other Christinas, and then, in magic slot number four, my twitter appears. shows up on your screen before you scroll at all. Yeah, it's pretty exciting for a girl with a not-so-exotic name.