Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anyway, they don't know you like I do

What is it that makes Kanye's new cd so polarizing?  It seems like everyone is intent on destroying this man because... he dared venture into pop?  his "heavy use of autotone"? (really? get over yourself) we like to see our heroes fall?

Honestly I'm gonna have to go with the last one.  I must say, I like Kanye's newest set.  I LIKE his heavy use of autotone.  I like that he occasionally sings about something real, say, his feelings.  Or the cliched but ever reassuring notion that money cannot, after all, buy happiness.  And I love the track "Paranoid" so much that it's been my alarm clock song now since I bought the cd a month and a half ago.  I never, EVER keep a song longer than a week and a half.  Ever.  Think about it, if it's the first thing you hear every morning, sometimes you're hearing it in your sleep before you actually wake up, you end up singing it all day.  And who can take two full weeks of any one song?  I can.  I can take six weeks of Paranoid, and counting.

PS - If everyone hates it so bad, why is it selling so well?  

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  1. and can I just say... my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is truly incredible.