Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Philosophy of the Documentary

Photography has had the most peculiar effect on us: by simply, "objectively" recording reality, we are forced to reconsider exactly what truth is.  Documentaries take this concept further.  Can we really hope to ever accurately pinpoint some aspect of the world around us?

"You are a noose around the neck of this realm!"
DARKON trailer:

"Without him, we'd just be at home doing puzzles like everyone else"
Wordplay trailer:

*I particularly liked how they handled showing you the person and a digitized puzzle simultaneously when needed

"When you want your name to go down in history, you have to pay the price"
Haven't seen this yet, unfortunately
Fist Full of Quarters trailer:

The very first documentary I really remember paying attention to was a short clip about these people that worshipped colors.  Like, a rainbow.  This lady sitting in an overstuffed chair going on and on about wavelengths and energies, and her kept little husband on the armrest agreeing every time she paused for breath.  It was incredible.  It was a mocumentary, I latter came to find out, but I don't know what it's called and can't find it anymore... 

This is going to be an interesting semester. 

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