Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And now to No One, with a weather update

Why do newspeople have to go to work on days like this?  Couldn't they give weather reports in front of a webcam and broadcast that once an hour, and the rest of the time play entertaining reruns instead of cutting to 8 different reporters who are all simply "outside"?  What could be so important that everyone has to still work today... emergency personnel, electric, police, plough trucks.  That's it.  The statement that it's snowing is hardly news, if you have a window you can figure that out.  They certainly don't need multiple people to brave the roads and wait around outside to tell us this.

Now I'm not complaining, all my stuff was cancelled.  Apparently I run in reasonable circles.  But why would any typical business person have to suffer through obviously impossible transportation... our culture needs to learn to work hard when we're working, and take breaks when we need them.

On the flip side, why do cities think that they can just not plough most streets?  All day?  The snow has now completely stopped for at least 5 hours, and we've not been ploughed even once.  The economy is no excuse... they're are plenty of things that should be cut well before street maintenance.  No one's parked on our street so that's no excuse either.  Slackers.

In short, let the reporters stay home, not the ploughmen (and women?)

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